House Extensions Types

House Extensions Types

With the housing market having become unpredictable, more and more people are looking to stay in their current home and improve it, rather than move.

Building an extension at the back or side of your house, or extending into the roof is one of the ways to add space and value to your home.

There are several types of house extensions, including:

• Single storey side or rear house extensions
• Double or multiple storey house extensions
• Garage conversions and extensions
• Basement conversions
• Conservatories
• Attic and loft conversions

Below we have a look at the most popular types of extension

Single Storey
This type of extension is one storey in height, usually to the rear or on the side of the house. Single storey rear extensions are most common as they open up the house connecting it with the garden. Extending even just a few meters into your garden can make a huge difference. Bi-fold or sliding doors are popular choices as they connect the internal and external living space. Double Storey
This opens up the potential for rooms not just on the ground floor, but also upper floors. You can either enlarge existing rooms or create new ones, dependent upon the size of your property.

One downside of this type of house extension however; is that the application for planning permission tends to be much more complex.

Garage Conversion
Using your existing garage is popular as you don’t lose garden space. Houses with an attached garage, can be used to create a utility room, kitchen extension or an extended living space. If your garage is detached from your house there is potential to utilise this as office space or perhaps a gym. You should however note; if your garage is detached from your house, and you wish to convert into added living space, you may need planning permission.

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