Frequently Asked Questions

Can every property be extended?

Most properties can be converted, depending on a variety of factors, for instance: garden or side space, available area, council policy etc. One the most important factors is how much space you have outside, because there are different regulations regarding house extensions. A survey will be necessary to determine what your specific situation is.

Can Veritas Builders arrange planning for me?

Veritas Builders does not do that for you, however we will liaise with your architects or appointed company in order to gain you planning approval from your local authority.

Do I need permission form my neighbours?

When you build a house conversion and you have a party wall connecting your property, you have to notify your neighbours about your home extension plans. You do not need permission from your neighbours as such, but you must inform them and if they object to the proposed works, you will need involve a party wall surveyor, in order to inspect the connecting wall, take pictures and make a party wall award outlining what works can be done. This process is fairly simple forward and is not to be confused with planning permission because there is no room for refusal in this.

What different types of house extensions are there?

There several types of house extensions available. The house extension options available to you depend on the type of property you have. Veritas Builders will explain to you the different types of extension options that are possible to be built on your home, as well as explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each type of extension.

Do you have insurance and what type?

We have Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance, a copy of which will be provided to you along with your fully itemised schedule. You must inform your Building/Contents insurance company that you are about to have building works, otherwise you may not be personally covered. We will make sure the site is hoarded so that if you were burgled the perpetrator must ‘break & enter’, in keeping with your home insurance policy.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

We usually take deposits of 30-35% depending on the number of subcontractors and outsourced materials we require to order with lead times.

Is the work guaranteed?

All the work carried out by Veritas Builders is covered by a comprehensive guarantee. Structural work is done strictly to structural calculations, overseen and passed by Building Control. Electrical is carried out by fully qualified electricians. Plumbing is carried out by a certified Gas Safe engineer.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, all estimates are carried out at no cost, and are obligation free. They are provided in writing, with itemised pricing and schedule.